Investment Management

Our working years represent the “accumulation phase” of life. That is, putting money aside that will be available to “spend down” in the future. When it comes to investing, the accumulation phase is much simpler than the spend down phase. When it’s time to retire, a lot more factors come into play. Positioning investment portfolios consistent with a retirement strategy is of paramount importance.

We provide strategic investment recommendations that align with your broader retirement plan. This generally includes:

  • Establishing the ideal mix of accounts to generate sustainable income
  • A strategy to protect against bear markets (falling stock prices)
  • Ongoing assessment of tax savings opportunities via harvesting losses or capturing gains at the lowest possible tax rates.

Investing Philosophy

More than any other person, our investment approach has been shaped by Warren Buffett. Buffett’s style is often referred to a as “value investing.” We fully subscribe to this way of thinking.

There are a number of core principles that represent this investing philosophy:

  • Stocks represent ownership in a business, not random price fluctuations.
  • Seek investment opportunities that you judge to be selling at a discount.
  • The market exists to serve you, not guide you.

Although these concepts may seem abstract, we believe they are an essential foundation for keeping a cool head during periods of exuberance and turbulence which take their turn across market cycles.

Tactically, we utilize a range of investment tools to create our portfolios. Those include individual companies (stocks), bonds, low-cost index funds and actively managed mutual funds. We are constantly on the hunt for what we judge to be opportunities while simultaneously looking to avoid risks.

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